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Expert Secrets E-book Review: The internet is flooded with individuals selling courses and books to boost your business and ROI (return on investment). “Expert secrets Ebook” by Russell Brunson enjoys a fair amount of attention that helps marketers to build effective sales funnels and retain consumers. But does it offer any value to the readers, or is it just another attempt to lure novice marketers into purchasing a book? I will dissect the “Expert Secret Ebook” by Russell Brunson and evaluate if it’s the book that will change your life for the better.

expert secrets ebook

About Russell Brunson

If you have any interest towards digital marketing or even orthodox marketing, you just have come across Russell Brunson’s name. He is a pioneer who conceptualized sales funnel automation by providing a software for it. Russell Brunson is known for his ability to sell anything and everything because he understands the audience’s way. Over the years, marketing has evolved into a purely data-based entity that relies on raw data from the internet to improve its strategic approach. Russell Brunson’s software uses the available raw data to find marketing insights and identify target groups.

Russell Brunson was destined for success because of his persuasion power and the ability to perceive what goes on in the mind of his potential consumer. Presently, he is an author and entrepreneur who has published a series of books related to self-help and marketing using sales funnels. He has a complete set of books that portray his wisdom along with practical examples of what works and what doesn’t. He is also the founder of the widely used marketing tool “ClickFunnels,” which helps you build a sales funnel for yourself in no time. 

Russell Brunson’s past books

“Expert Secret Ebook” by Russell Brunson isn’t the only book the author has published to date. It is the second in the “Secrets” series of books published by the author. His three other books, titled “Traffic Secrets,” “Dotcom secrets,” and “Unlock the secrets,” are also widely popular and have sold over a million copies combined. Each book is related to funnel building and focuses on different growth areas like traffic generation and conversion, website secrets and brand study, and the method to execute a new business idea and deploy it into the market.

russel brunson's books

What is the “Expert Secret E-book” by Russell Brunson about?

In this book, Russell Brunson stresses becoming a thought leader, a visionary, and constructing a dedicated follower base that loves you. The book teaches you how to become an eye-catching character in front of your audience who is relatable. Russell Brunson hasn’t kept any secrets to himself and poured out everything useful to build a strong and dedicated following. The book is all about taking ownership, introspecting and building your character, and offering value to your followers. All of it culminates into a funnel strategy that works to turn the accumulated audience into recurring paying customers.

What are click funnels?

You may have noticed the word funnels mentioned many times in marketing but always wondered what it is. Click funnels are a marketing strategy, essentially a series of web pages that lead to a conversion event. In layman’s terms, it is a series of web pages carefully designed to convey the intent of your product or service, make it compelling, and then slowly draw the user to the end product. It is often done by offering valuable information and insights first so that the prospective consumer has a brief idea of the current problem and then can move towards the provided solution.

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Russell Brunson offers a paid marketing tool titled ‘ClickFunnels‘ that shouldn’t be confused with a click funnel. The ClickFunnels software makes it easy to create click funnels by focusing on Upsells. Upsells is a technique to offer low-priced products first and then persuade the customer to opt for upgrades slowly. 

Who is the “Expert Secrets E-book” suitable for?

Most of the marketing books you see today do not make sense to an average person/business owner with little or no marketing knowledge. Russell Brunson has made the book easy to understand and useful, which businesses of all sizes and scales understand. This book intends to gain authority, build connections with the audience, and then turn them into returning customers, so it’s for everyone.

Business owner or entrepreneurs who are looking for answers to why their existing product or services do not attract huge sales, and why their brand isn’t relatable, should go for this book. Of all the books written by Russell Brunson, this one’s the most detailed and non-technical book by the author so far.

Summary of the “Expert Secrets E-book”

The “Expert Secrets Ebook” isn’t some spammy, forced marketing gimmick that lacks credible information. It is a super detailed, 265 pages long book that will transform your mindset from a small business owner to a relatable and reliable brand owner. The book offers 22 secrets spread across five sections or chapters. These sections are as follows:

Creating your mass movement

The first section is all about introspection to find the knowledge you have and then convert it into a valuable product to sell. This idea alone is not enough to find an existing problem that your product can solve easily. The intention is to fix the unfixable and never to offer monotonous products and services to the consumers.  

Section number one is about letting go of your constraints and insecurities and becoming a charismatic leader who can connect with the audience. The main takeaway from the section is being convincing and helping your prospective consumer understand the persistent problem and your proposed solution. Also, the author stresses the three primary markets (health, wealth, and relationships) and their sub-markets to help you find your niche.

Creating Belief

Section two is about creating belief and building faith in your audience about your brand and products. You have to have a backstory, not just any backstory but one compelling enough to persuade the audience to move further into the funnel and buy your services. The author clearly states that your audience needs to believe in your vision and the product. Directly selling a product is the most basic marketing technique that deters the consumers from buying decisions. You must describe the problem and ignite curiosity in the consumer’s mind. Once you do that, the conversion will happen.

Moral Obligation

Section three is about the moral obligation that you have towards your audience. Russell Brunson states that offering a single product with no improvement results in a plateau. You must discover new mediums to scale your service and provide tiers and iterations that display a significant improvement. The idea is to eradicate every single doubt in your audience’s mind and shatter their established beliefs. Being informative and then offering a solution always works as compared to the blunt selling gimmick of buying this right now.

The Funnels

Section four of the book utilizes the wisdom obtained from the three sections to create a foolproof funnel. The author explains how he built a massive audience in a decade, after which he stopped gathering and engaging more viewers. He kept himself confined to the same set of audiences and developed new products to keep them hooked to his company. This resulted in an excessive innovation cycle followed by average sales and poor customer retention. 

Russell Brunson narrates an incident that helped him look at his strategy and then improve it. He built a foolproof funnel that would require very little modifications and upgrades to the existing product and still gather new visitors every week. The author is trying to convey that you should not confine yourself to a small audience but incessantly work on growing it.

What’s Next?

Section five contains the last secret in the book, which is about filling your funnel with prospective clients. Not just any client but those who match your niche and are actively looking for a solution. The authors hint at targeted marketing here and establishing focus groups that have the highest chances of conversion.

How much does the book cost?

A book this elaborate and informative must cost a fortune, right? Wrong. Russell Brunson uses the basics of marketing here to offer super cheap or free access to his knowledge. The book is available for free, and you have to pay the shipping charges to get it delivered to your residence. There is an audiobook available as well on audible.com that costs nothing. This offer is for US residents only, and the rest of the world can buy the hardcopy that retails for 15 USD. 

expert secrets ebook free download

Is it worth the hype?

Yes. Expert Secrets Ebook isn’t some spammy method of advertisement to lure you to Russell Brunson. It is all about finding your niche and being successful in it. The biggest advantage is real-life incidents that convey the actual marketing problems faced by everyone while building a sales funnel. Russell Brunson isn’t playing around, and if you wish to be more successful than you already are, the Expert Secrets Ebook will set you on the right path.

Conclusion: Is it worth a shot?

Robert Kiyosaki says that “Expert Secrets is the map that will allow you to turn your specialized knowledge, talents, and abilities into a business that will work for you! This is one of the shortcuts of the new rich.” I don’t know about you, but I believe in Robert Kiyosaki more than anyone on the entire planet. Also, despite having such rich content, the author is offering the book for a nominal price. So, please grab a copy before Russell Brunson decides to stop printing physical copies altogether.

expert secrets ebook review
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